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Tide & Glory

Captain your ship and plunder the isles against or with your friends in this quick, easy to learn, fun party game!

In Tide & Glory, you and your friends, from two to four players, each take command of a ship and plunder the unsuspecting towns around the archipelagoes for their precious booty! Players are divided into two teams, and compete for maritime and mercantile supremacy. Your goal: to plunder more treasures than the other team! To do so, attack towns, destroy them, collect their loot and bring it back to your base, but don't forget; the enemy team has the same cannons you have, and they're not above turning them on you to steal your gold! Of course, you could play the dirty card first and sink them before they even have a chance to take gold back to their base… or wait for them to build up a sizeable treasury and ransack it all, taking it for the glory of your own team!

But beware; try and sneak too far from the archipelago, and you might attract some unwanted attention from the Kraken...


Izaak Jobling - Designer, Modeller

Etienne Gonthier - Designer, Production

Jake Aquilina - Programmer

Melody Richards - Programmer

Shane Rands - Audio engineer

Tide & Glory is a student project. Made in Unity and with FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies.


*XBOX 360 Controller required to play

LT, RT: Shoot

RB: Accelerate

LB: Decelerate

Back: Stats

Right Joystick: Look

To note: To navigate the menus, only the first player can navigate them, except when all the players choose if they play or not. In this case, players can navigate this menu with the dpad on the controllers.

**Playing with three (3) players may or may not work. Please be advice. If it doesn't work, you have to quit the game**


T&G_09_12_2016_05.zip 25 MB